LED lights

Most of the stories rather used to the display device for lighting or illumination to read, especially in the scene of the car that the two technologies, ie, incandescent and arc.

This is because, until recently, almost the whole paradigm of automotive lighting.We of course also a state of complete gas lasers and solid, or convert electricity into light and light-emitting diodes, of course.

Current laser technology is not as a cost effective solution for applications in the automotive sector. Of course, this is due to the enormous cost of at this time.This brings us to the light emitting diode, or LED in general lighting for automotive applications. What until recently was also very expensive to be considered as a solution to the efficiency of automotive lighting into consideration.

These LEDs are certainly convert one of the most efficient conversion of energy into electricity into light. This is similar to the low efficiency of the vapor lamp.Can operate directly from a battery voltage to the voltage regulator without complex or converter. This is ideal for automotive applications.They also have a very long life expectancy and because of its solid state, strong enough to produce indestructible.Of course not without problems when used for lighting in automobiles.

For automotive applications, which requires an integrated approach, and it is often necessary to have a fit as a complete unit instead of the traditional lamp and reflector design.LEDs are very directional throw light instead of conventional incandescent bulbs, the light in all directions and focus, if necessary with the help of a lens.All this of course increases the cost of development and manufacturing. Because long-term benefits, we are experiencing a rapid invasion of the LEDs in the automotive sector.

To the U.S. auto manufacturers, this new design in all its cars. We also see aftermarket suppliers are also proposed to replace incandescent bulbs in existing car. This does not, in some cases, minor modifications to existing circuit can not be resolved, but the person at the convenient location of the car or at home.Again we have a wealth of information on the World Wide Web comments on the blog of the buyer tells you what works and what does not. I recommend you to read the good bad and the ugly to get a true picture. It has to do only one case, your research before you go to your favorite online store and order.

Toyota New Hibrida

Toyota New Hibrida

Enter the hybrid Toyota Hybrid market strongly in 2012 with the popularity of sexually transmitted diseases. Soon you will see five new hybrid model predictive are on our roads in 2012 launched.In 2012, two years after the problem is given the Toyota expects that she was known as an intelligent child for the automotive industry to be. Toyota says the hybrid and the harmony between nature, man and machine to create. Respect the environment ...
Today, the sound is very planning of the new hybrid Toyota to start production.
The sources said that Toyota has come up with four complementary brands Toyota hybrid and one of the Lexus luxury models.
Toyota Sienna Hybrid - the first version of the Toyota hybrid minivan for families and the green long call for a larger family-oriented hybrid vehicles went.
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid - a hybrid RAV4 Toyota's first hybrid crossover SUV is in the family. Mileage will be around mid to high 30 range.
Toyota Yaris Hybrid - Toyota European and Asian markets had initially account for this model. Mini with a much lower cost hybrid.
Hybrid Toyota Corolla - Corolla hybrid cars can be found in conventional hybrid road vehicles. It could also be a technique of gas-electric hybrid is in the hearts of car buyers, Toyota is in the crowd.
Lexus hybrid sports car - This model is a high-speed, low-volume hybrid sport.
Toyota's Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada conventional hybrids should remain the most popular car for the driving distance and cost. It also says that the version of the Prius plug-in over time and more celebrities are the non-plug version. Plug-in version also published in 2012 and will cost only $ 3000 - $ 5000 more than the current Prius.
Toyota Prius, introduced to the fleet was first plug-in demonstrations around the world, including 163 of plug-ins currently here in the U.S..
With the Prius plug-in to be able to cruise with their daily tasks and activities without the help of gasoline and 475 000 you can get on a single tank of gas, driving habits and conditions. Plug-in is 3 hours with a catch of 120 V and 1.5 hours on a 240 volt outlet.
North America is the biggest market for hybrid cars, and sold some of the six models in the new Toyota hybrids.
Given the fact that the next time you see more Toyota hybrids on the road in the coming months to the world with a total of 20 models of the five models presented eleven in 2012th