volcanic erruption

It should be known in advance that Volcanic Ash containing silica materials
lead acid that are sharp and corrosive, so if the cleaning process
inappropriate vehicle, it will cause scratches on the vehicle body area,
glass can also damage the brake components and other vehicle parts.

Due to Volcanic Ash has sharp edges, then you should
cleaning the vehicle is done by spraying all parts of the exterior
vehicle with water as the initial stages, until the glue Volcanic Ash
on the exterior body parts can be separated by water pressure. It is intended that
Volcanic dust that attaches to the exterior of vehicles can be separated without
make beret exterior vehicle parts.

The next stage is to perform cleaning on the body and glass
vehicle using a soft cloth, where cleaning can
performed using car shampoo for more maximum results.

Please note, if the area still feels rough due to glass
Volcanic Ash is still there, you should refrain from the process and do pengelapan
cleaning again by spraying more water on the area
rough or in conjunction with spraying at her.

Note: Check the cloth regularly to make sure no dust
left on the cloth, which can damage the paint surface. If necessary clean cloth
before the next cleaning process.

Perform cleaning in detail such areas and the bottom of the vehicle wiper
As a final stage, water spray throughout the vehicle to clean up
car shampoo is attached.

To determine whether the component is done cleaning or
necessary, replacement, we recommend to contact the official Workshop
us for further examination to determine and ensure that dust
not to get into the engine air duct.

We strongly recommend that after cleaning and inspection
detail in areas of brakes for optimum braking performance.

Before running make sure the first vehicle in its best condition. As
air filters, drive belts, wiper rubber does need cleaning or replacement
first so as not to damage the vehicle, however for
sure, we recommend to contact our authorized workshops for
further examination.

Important component of what it must be replaced or cleaned as
Volcanic Dust exposed to vehicle performance still excellent?
- Air Cleaner, Drive belt and idler bearings, brake components, grille and radiator grille
AC condenser, AC in the cabin filter detailed investigation by
Official Workshops

The bottom of the vehicle needs to be cleaned from dust to prevent the former ex-
rust in the future such as: exhaust, lower arm (the legs), chassis, etc..

Maintenance vehicles are still in need during Volcanic Ash still exist at the location
operate vehicles, check and clean the air filter, drive belts, wiper, lattice
lattice radiator, AC condenser and cabin air conditioning filter [water purifier] once a week (or
can be more rapid if the condition is severe enough dust) to keep the vehicle fixed
prime. Next close the vehicle after the wash to avoid
Volcanic dust again.