Car Care

JAKARTA - Clean the windshield may seem tricky. Easy for staying pouring water,wipe, finished. But if you do not know the technique might be made ​​of glassdurability and level disturbed.

Generally, practical way to clean the windshield with liquid chemicals that are soldfreely on the market. With the liquid is believed to eliminate fungus or dirt.

But according to General Manager of Prima Glass, Ajie Pratomo, the move couldinvite trouble. "The layer of glass can be eroded. It is not so visible because of a verysmall few microns. But the long decline of its durability, "he said.

He recommends a glass cleaned enough with clean running water. That way, dust orsand grains attached to dissolve. If you want to use cleaner, just use shampoo car fordirt late. "Get used to clean the glass every other day the car," he advised.

One more thing, wear Kanebo or absorbent cloth specifically for glass. Do not be shared with Kanebo used to dry the car body. It is intended that dirt or oil thatkeangkat when cleaning the car body does not stick to the glass. Easy and simple, is not it. (