Toyota Eco Island

40 years in Indonesia, strengthening Toyota's CSR program: "An endless journey from the seeds of kindness"

Jakarta on 12 April 2011 and then a large family of Indonesia celebrates 40 years of Toyota Industries in Indonesia. Under the slogan "an endless journey from seeds of goodness," confirmed Toyota's presence in Indonesia is not solely for business purposes, but also contribute to the development of the domestic auto industry in the broadest sense, including activities social.

"For the addition to the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services, Toyota further strengthen corporate social responsibility program (CSR). This is a form of accountability and our thanks to the nation," said Johnny Darmawan, President Director PT. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) and a Vice Director of PT.Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) at the opening of the Toyota Eco Iceland in the Ancol Dreamland, April 19, 2011.

The theme of "an endless journey of the seed of goodness" according to Toyota's Global Vision President Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) in Tokyo early last March that it was announced that the commitment Toyota vehicle safety, quality, continuous innovation, respect for the land. Toyota's Global Vision is also consistent with 40 years experience in the course of Toyota in Indonesia offers a variety of experiences and promote the values ​​that are very valuable.

"The commitment to being the best, consumer and social benefits of our existence, is the most important asset in terms of promoting enterprise," said Johnny Darmawan.

Eco Development Toyota Iceland is one of Toyota's efforts to achieve social benefits for the public to lend. In cooperation with PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, TAM has developed an area of ​​1.5 hectares with various species of trees native to coastal habitats.

"We deliberately Ancol Dreamland Park area to facilitate access of people experience nature first hand, both as a means of setting the center of recreational and educational care. We hope this can serve as an inspiration for all", he added.

Toyota Eco Iceland funds for the development of the car to the tree program instead of TAM derivatives during the period July to December 2010. Through this program, TAM reserve a portion of the sale of each order of vehicles in this period and to plant trees there. You can say, Toyota Eco Iceland is the result of Auto for the tree. Auto-program tree and Iceland Toyota Echo is a part of the way Toyota's concern about the problem of climate change, inviting them to participate actively in order to preserve the environment.

"Development of Eco Iceland Toyota not deviate from this goal," said Johnny Darmawan.

In addition to the environmental CSR programs Toyota has also paid attention to the world of education. One of the CSR program of studies that expand in the future include the expansion and development of Technical Education Programme Toyota (T-TEP).

T-TEP in 2011 to be extended again by the opening of the four T-TEP in Pekanbaru, Makassar, Manado, and Semarang. This time, Toyota also symbolically handed the help of one of each vehicle for teaching aids to the T-TEP representatives of 2 N 2 and N 2 Pekanbaru Manado.

In addition mengandeng universities, experts and NGOs in the implementation of CSR programs, Toyota is also working with government agencies like the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Education. The results of the monitoring and evaluation, including government agencies, various programs have been very effective.

Toyota Technical Education Programme (T-TEP) T-TEP Toyota's efforts to link the party's support and for graduates of vocational schools that could participate in this program is more ready to use T-TEP began in 1991 and Sub T-TEP began in 2006. Toyota role in the adaptation of curricula, teaching support staff, training and employment. In fact, for the CMS, which already provide some level, is Toyota struts in the form of units of vehicles and equipment conditions, including the help system and body. As part of 40 years PT Toyota Astra Motor is four new T-TEP in the field of Pekanbaru, Manado, Makassar, and Semarang, the representative of the T-TEP N 2 and N 2 Pekanbaru, Manado inauguration represented.

T-TEP = Total Auto Repair (5), balance of payments (1)
In general, Sub T-TEP = General Repair (49), BP (3)
In general T-TEP/Sub T-TEP schools = 57 SMK

Toyota Car Tree This program is a form of Toyota's commitment to the environment through the implementation of reforestation to reduce carbon emissions is causing global warming. Through this program, Toyota will put aside to offer some of the profits from the sale of tree seedlings planted for reforestation. The purchase period extended from July to December 2010, Toyota has set aside funds to over 4 M.