Tires Tires

Sometimes we are confused how do we change our car tires according to vehicle load and road conditions in order to avoid the things that we do not want

Specifications tires often forgotten. In fact, the numbers found on the tire wall is veryinformative and payers are known.

We can know the tire size, type tubles or not, the level of speed, maximum carrying capacity and much more tire information that we use. Below will be explained the meaning of a row of numbers.

Take for example P215/65R15 89H. Let's look at one-one:

Q: For passenger vehicles (passenger)

215: This symbol indicates the tire width is measured from one wall to another. That is, itdetermines the number of millimeters of tread. The bigger the number, the tire treads willlook more broadly.

65: The ratio of height to width. The bigger the tire wall numbers will look higher. The smaller the number the lower the tire wall.

R: Construction of tires. The symbol R represents radial tire type.

15: The diameter of the tire, or better known as the ring 15. Usually correspond to the diameter (ring) wheels.

89: Power Index. Each figure has a different carrying capacity levels. It is also associated with the maximum wind pressure of n measured in units of PSI (pounds per square inch) and Kpa (kilopascals).

H: Rate of speed. Each letter has a different rate. The rate at which it covers:
- Q maximum speed of 158 km / h
- S a maximum speed of 179 km / h
- T a maximum speed of 188 km / h
- Maximum speed of 198 km U / h
- H a maximum speed of 208 km / h
- V maximum speed of 240 km / h
- Z maximum speed above 240 km / h

From the above explanation we can choose the tires which are in accordance with our wishes