Toyota Whee

Whee Toyota

In addition to all the variants best bring in at IIMS 2011 this time, Toyota also bring small personal vehicle that is claimed to environmentally friendly and free jam, Toyota Whee.

Whee uniqueness comes with the ultimate eco car combined with hybrid technology. Shaped like a child's toy otopet, Whee can support the activities of users within a short distance.

How Personal Mobility use this? Whee move with balance and body weight. Just need to stand up and move according to pressure Wheebody without worrying about falling.

"Use just need to maintain balance. When leaning forwardwill move forward and vice versa," explained Assistant Group ManagerPlanning & Development Dept. Engineering Management. Partner RobotDivision of Toyota Motor Corp., Hiroyuki Murakami.

Whee comes in three types: S, M, and L. Each type is made differently and thegrip on the pedestal knee. Type S is sporty in which the pedestal knee lengthand shorter than the type M for active people. While L is a universal type andeasiest to use.

Whee Toyota uses a lithium battery and can cover a distance of 10km, withinan hour recharging the battery. Whee Toyota speed 10 km / h or twice a person walking. It is claimed are in accordance with safety standards.