Luxury Sports Car works better than others

Luxury Sports Car works better than others. Consumer Reports has tested the cars they bought. And are checking the range of the expensive machines. And what they discovered was that the Porsche 911 caught earned the right to be called one of the best vehicles there is on the market. In fact, it tops the list of vehicles in Consumer Reports ' list of vehicles and high-performance sports car.

David Champion, the senior director of Consumer Reports Auto test. It also assesses the Porsche 911 saying: "The US 911 wowed enough with his acceleration, handling and braking for us evaluate our top sports car. The 911 is also easy to ride, but its much less expensive Boxster brother performed nearly as well. "

Automobile magazine tested the Porsche 911 Porsche throughout against other pieces of high-class cars and high performance cars like the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and the Dodge Viper. Besides these two, the Porsche 911 competed eleven other performance vehicles that are currently available on the market. The vehicles went through a series of tests in order to see who the best results and that surpassed all others as a luxury sports car.

I certainly don't think the kind of prices these vehicles keep. The cheapest of the lot is the Lotus Elise, which can be purchased on the market for $ 45,545, while the most expensive car tested by car was a Mercedes Benz SL550 vehicle that could cost $ 105,855.

All these vehicles have had to go through the trials that would have given Consumer Reports data on who should be declared the best of the lot. The vehicles had to go through public roads. Also have been guided through the track consumers test report, located in Connecticut. The vehicles were also tried using various tests, such as that for the high speed maneuvers and cornering and braking when driving at high speed.

The criteria included various corners of car control. Besides those mentioned, Consumer Reports also included areas such as security, the acceleration, the trunk space, comfort and convenience.